gtr.exe 1.0

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tcpIQ Thread Pool 1.0: Component for the management of multiple threads in a .Net application.
tcpIQ Thread Pool 1.0

threads. To solve the problems with the tracking, suspension and termination of multiple threads, tcpIQ has developed the tcpIQ Thread Pool. Levering the efficiency of the .Net Thread Pool class, the tcpIQ Thread Pool allows the developer to create any number of worker threads (more than the maximum 25 threads allowed by the .Net Framework), and then to issue a command to elegantly terminate all running threads. The thread termination occurs without

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Async 2.0.2: Create multi-threaded VB programs with this easy to use activeX component
Async 2.0.2

threaded application or DLL. Async is distributed as an ActiveX control AND as a COM DLL to maximize your ability to write the best possible applications and components. Error events, process completion events and communication events are provided for each thread. Priority can be set for each thread. Threads can be queued. Includes a detailed help file (including some basic information on multi-threading), comprehensive example programs, a royalty

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Fastream IQ Web/FTP Server 11.5.5R2: A secure, agile and user friendly HTTPS/FTPS server for Windows.
Fastream IQ Web/FTP Server 11.5.5R2

threaded--one thread per configurable number of clients - New HTML layout with customizable font colors and size in folder listing - HTTP file manager now supports UTF-8 (Unicode) - Multiple GUIs can be opened on the same computer for multi server monitoring - HTTP/1.1 digest secure authentication implemented Classic Features of NETFile FTP/Web Server FXP-enabled FTP and thread-pooled multi-threaded HTTP 1.1 server fulfilling 100Mbps Ethernet (observed

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PrcInfo 5.22: The simple processes manager for Windows 9x\2000\XP\Vista\7
PrcInfo 5.22

The simple processes manager for Windows 9x\2000\XP\Vista\7. Support management of process and threads and searches by module name. Allows you to add external viewers for processes, threads and modules.

modules, dependcy walker, thread, viewer, dlls, prcinfo, manager, process

Quicksys RegCleaner 2009: Clean and repair Windows registry with multi-thread technology.
Quicksys RegCleaner 2009

Quicksys RegCleaner 2009 will quickly (multi-thread engine), easily and safely detect and remove invalid references in Windows registry. Lot of invalid entries that cause system complications and slow down your computer significantly. On multiprocessor systems, multithreading an application takes advantage of the additional hardware and can result in greatly improved overall performance.

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Stopwatch 2009: Stopwatch is a high performance, multi thread, multi group, multi task, programa
Stopwatch 2009

Stopwatch is a high performance, multi thread, multi group, multi task, programable stopwatch for microsoft windows. 1.High performance: 1/1,000s ~ 1/1,000,000s.It`s only limited by your hardware and OS. 2.Multi thread:Used for high performance. 3.Multi group: Max 8 watch groups. 4.Multi task: Record any time use every stopwatch. 5.Programable: Control stopwatch from any other application. 6.Report: Powerful report for every stopwatch. 7

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